Friday, September 14, 2007

Teresa Da Only Girl Bun Reporting In

"You typing?"

"Type slave!"

"That's better."

I had to say this I am da only girl bun so that makes me queen. I am also ND so bow down cause I own you all.

I have two male bun servants and they are not allowed to be around other girls. Dey will ONLY be allowed to be with me. Well maybe some day I will have another girl but not anytime soon. We may have another two joining us but I don't care. All I want is Tucker. He is a perfect example of prime ND. He scared a snake can you get any better dan dat?

I was the fourth bun to join. I was kept in this ( ) during a really bad winter outside on a balcony, my cage was full of snow. I was less than 2lbs. I have loved my new home though it took me a long time to feel safe here. I am now the best thing till you get on my bad side.

Love Teresa your ever loving Queen.

P.S. Kisses to Tucker.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Me First

My name is Ringo Starr. Da Mama an Daddy call me Dingo, Ringo Dingo, Dingo Butt, an many more.

I am da first bunny. Da second bunny came da next day but she left us to go to da rainbow bridge. Her name was Samantha Jane. I miss her but Mama says she is in a better place.

Tomorrow I get to celebwate my second gotcha day! Dat means dat I have been with my mama and daddy for two years!

Well alitte bout about me I like tweats. Lots an Lots an Lots! I have been very sick but still keep on fighting. I was supposed to belong to Daddy but am closer to da Mama. In da end dey figured dey belonged to me.
I would introduce my bwothers an sister but dey can do dat later.

Your Pal,
Ringo Starr Perrotti