Saturday, July 7, 2007

Me First

My name is Ringo Starr. Da Mama an Daddy call me Dingo, Ringo Dingo, Dingo Butt, an many more.

I am da first bunny. Da second bunny came da next day but she left us to go to da rainbow bridge. Her name was Samantha Jane. I miss her but Mama says she is in a better place.

Tomorrow I get to celebwate my second gotcha day! Dat means dat I have been with my mama and daddy for two years!

Well alitte bout about me I like tweats. Lots an Lots an Lots! I have been very sick but still keep on fighting. I was supposed to belong to Daddy but am closer to da Mama. In da end dey figured dey belonged to me.
I would introduce my bwothers an sister but dey can do dat later.

Your Pal,
Ringo Starr Perrotti

1 comment:

Katie Driscoll said...

Ringo, just thought I should let you know that I'm a big fan :) I think you're abolutlely adorable *hugs*